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Schulte Associates LLC (SA) is an executive management consulting firm with a specialty practice in energy-related industries. Our clients include electric generation, transmission and distribution companies, renewable energy and energy storage project developers, venture capital firms, community choice aggregators, state economic development offices and organizations that sell to or through energy companies. We help them  identify and make the decisions needed to improve and grow operations. Then, we help them execute.

Energy Consulting

Our Services

Our Services
Regulatory Permitting

We develop strategy, content and testimony for regulatory permitting for your major electric supply, transmission, energy efficiency or demand response projects.

IRP Development

Accomplishing a modern Integrated Resource Plan in the rapidly-changing industry environment is both cumbersome and time consuming. Let us do the heavy lifting. 

Organizational Development

With over four decades in the industry, we understand energy companies, large and small. We help you start new initiatives or assess and fix legacy organizations.

Interim CEO/COO

With decades of experience in C-suite management our team is ready to go to work for you.

Project Development

Whether a traditional utility or a new energy project entrant, we help you design, implement and manage your energy project from start to finish.

Due Diligence

Objective, qualified expertise with the integrity you need to qualify whether a new project idea is a good one for your organization.


“Schulte Associates was both the engine and the glue in accomplishing our 20-year 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).”

Southern California Municipal Utility Executive


Ready to find out more?

Whether you have a current or new project or plan, put us to work.

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