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Integrated Resource Plan Development

Utilities were a once-stable industry; from the turn of the last century to the mid 1990's very little change occurred. Since then, deregulation, renewable energy and climate change have dominated the discussion and direction of the electricity and natural gas markets. 


And now, we are on the cusp of the biggest change, especially in the electricity industry.  Increasing renewable portfolio standards, desired reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, electric vehicles (EVs)and EV charging will fundamentally change how electric utilities, renewable producers and storage initiatives will need to address the new on-peak and off peak loads.  Demand response (DR) and DR aggregation efforts continue to grow.


We understand these profound changes in the marketplace and we know utilities.  We can design your Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), coordinate resources both internal and external, specify the quantitative analysis you need, help you select qualified external resources, and help you review and manage them.  Then, help you write the report and secure approvals for it

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