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Energy Solutions
for Your Industry

Electric Transmission and Distribution Companies


We have deep experience in utility resource planning, engineering and operations.  We can be very useful in making your transmission and distribution projects happen effectively and within budget.


Renewable and Energy Storage Project Developers

We understand how potential utility off-takers of your project determine the value of energy projects, and how they price them for purposes of power purchase agreements (PPA).

Energy Services Companies (ESCOs)


We talk customer energy efficiency, demand response and rates.  We can help you refine your product offerings and strengthen your marketing.



Venture Capital


You have invested resources in a project or organization, and need to be sure that investment is working effectively.  We help assess projects or organizations and identify adjustments that need to be made.  We can even provide interim CEO or COO services to get the adjustments going.

Community Choice Aggregators (CCA)

Community Choice Aggregators are a new player in the utility marketplace.  We help you determine if a CCA is right for you, and then help you organize and build it.

State Economic Development Agencies


States have a vested interest in the success and sustainability of energy projects within their boundaries. Jobs and tax revenues are at stake. We can help you identify and qualify the opportunities, and how the state’s resources and opportunities can be related to and mutually benefit from the project.

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