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  • 24 years as a partner in Schulte Associates LLC, working with energy companies around the country to successfully launch new initiatives, improve their existing operations and permit large energy facilities.

  • Three years with Andersen Consulting (now called Accenture), working with more than 50 utilities and non-regulated subsidiaries around the nation as they modernized their customer care and marketing information system capabilities.

  • Two years as NSP Vice President of Marketing/Customer Service with Northern States Power (NSP - now a unit of Xcel Energy), including electric marketing & sales, program design, regulatory approvals, implementation, operations and evaluation of large-scale demand-side management (DSM) programs, electric rate design, customer call center and billing, community relations and economic development.

  • Three years as NSP Vice President of Rates and Corporate Strategy, including rate regulatory relations, integrated resource plans, and corporate initiatives.

  • Eleven years management experience at NSP including energy supply planning, demand-side management (DSM) energy conservation and load management program development, distribution planning, engineering, construction and operations, and labor relations.

  • Five years active duty as an Air Force communications/electronics officer.

  • BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering.

Click to download Robert Schulte's resume.

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